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Promises, promises!

Some time ago we promised to start doing a blog and/or a post on a regular basis. Little did we know how overwhelming our excursion into the lavender world would be. We expected a slow, scenic steam train pulling out of the station with a tour guide serenely commentating as our journey chugged along. Instead it was more like a Cape Kennedy launch into space!

So far we have been enjoying every moment of 2019, even though it seems that we have been either making products, tending to the gardens, going to markets and festivals, filling orders, caring for the animals, clearing trails or planning for group tours to the farm.

We managed to build the porches on the shop before we opened in May and have since had countless people coming by to pick up gifts for themselves, their families and friends, while others would spend their time sitting on the porches watching the world go by or having a picnic in the shade of the willow tree.

Be sure to check out our Gallery for updates of our happenings on the farm and in our family.

Also we shall be updating the on line shop in the very near future with more selections of our wonderful and creative Lavender products.

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