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5 Tips to Grow Lavender Successfully 


  1. Soil

Lavender plants require well drained alkaline soil.  Rocks can be added to the bottom of your planting hole, as well as adding grit/pebbles mixed to the soil you add back. We also add a small handful of bonemeal and healthy handful of compost.

​   2.  Site

Plant Lavender in a sunny location or at least where they are in the sun for  most of the day. At least 6 hours of sun is a good base to start



Give your lavender plants a good drink, allow the earth  to go slightly dry before watering again for the first couple of months after planting. Once your lavender plant is established additional  watering should be unnecessary.

   4. Feeding

Little feeding is required or necessary for your lavender plants, although a sprinkling of potash around the base of your  plants will encourage more prolific flowering and improve flower color. Don't add bulky manure, heavy compost or high nitrogen feed.

   5.  Pruning

Some detail to pruning is required. It's a very important task that demands a strong constitution, because generally, the harder the Lavender is pruned, the longer they will last. When your lavender plant comes out of dormancy and starts to grow foliage it's time to prune (end of March beginning of April), you will just have to keep an eye on your plant. You can take your lavender plant back about ⅓,  keeping a nice round shape. You should also give your plants a nice trim after their blooms are spent. If you miss the spring pruning you could prune your lavender plants in early fall 6 to 8 weeks before your frost date. If pruned at the right time, new growth should leave your lavender strong and healthy to overwinter successfully . You should be able to enjoy your lavenders for years and years to come.

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