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One Month Away

As the title says, we are just one month away from opening up the farm and gift shop for the 2023 Lavender Year, and we are really excited to be able to bring to you, our loyal, devoted, old/new friends and customers, some new gardens and added activities, which can be seen on our activity page.

Penny has been working hard in our cozy greenhouse propagating some new and traditional varieties of Lavender to plant in our new areas that should be ready for the start of April when planting will begin. We will have up to 32 varieties available, in 4 inch pots, when we open the store on Friday April 14th. All ready to plant in your garden or container.

March 12th was our first snowfall of the year, just a dusting, that isn't going to stick around very long, but make plenty of mud so we can slip and slide as we go out to feed our critters who are anxiously waiting to see our visitors and get some more loving!

In the meantime we are enjoying our Hellebores, Virginia Bluebells, that are just coming on, and Daffodils around our home, and watching all the Cardinals, Blue Jays, Finches, Dove, Woodpeckers, Red Winged Blackbirds, Nut Hatches, Chickadees and of course squirrels at our feeders.

Looking forward to seeing the Lavender coming on in May and June and cruising around on the mower taking in the sights and smells whilst trying to avoid running into or over anything!

We have also been very busy in our work areas building up our inventory for sales in the gift shop so we can continue to bring you our wonderful lavender products made right here in our home (nothing from China!). We have also been taking some of our wares to the Lexington and Staunton Winter Markets and can't wait to see more of our faithful attending the Lexington Wednesday Farmers Market starting April 5th., and the Staunton Saturday Farmers Market starting April 1st.

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