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Post Pandemic Musings & 2022 re-visited!

It seems like a long time since we were all told to stay home and maintain social distancing if we dared to go out in public.

We thought it should be anti-social distancing but maybe that's just us.

We were truly blessed and very fortunate that we had open spaces and fresh air available right out our front door and were able to step outside anytime we wanted without a mask.

We were eager to share with whoever wanted to visit the farm and were overwhelmed by the response and busier than we could ever have imagined.

2022 started off with making the cover of a magazine

that reached out to all the electric co-operatives patrons from Virginia to Delaware.

This gentleman was our first visitor to arrive after seeing it, driving over a hundred miles!

From there, we stayed busy with visitors, picnickers and workshops and the gardens along with the lavender flourished.

We added a few structures to enhance the farm and have more planned for this year as well as planting more areas to grow more lavender varieties.

We look forward to opening up in April and hope you can join us at one of our "Social" gatherings for Mother's Day or Sunset Dining or perhaps star gazing in the Fall.

Or come with family or friends and have a picnic and a woodland walk to our waterfall.

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